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QLCLE is a fusion of photography and IT.
We propose a new communication.

QLQL (クルクル)


Our unique technology automates 360° photography to achieve speedy and low cost. From filming to 360-degree content conversion and distribution, it takes about a minute. You can use it freely from events to EC operation. Of course, various customizations are also available. 

​SPIXD (スピックス)


The latest shooting solution that makes it possible to instantly share the data captured by professional photographers. We can automatically assign a QR code to the data taken at events and other events and deliver it to the user on the spot, meeting the demand for photo booths at social networking services as well as parties. 


Sumacheki (スマチェキ)


Sumacheki is easy to use: just read the QR code, take a picture with your phone, and share it instantly. No email address or social networking account required, just hand over the QR code receipt.
It's perfect for photo booth events.


PHOTO BINGO (フォトビンゴ)

Photo Bingo(フォトビンゴ)は、ビンゴゲームとスタンプラリーをスマートフォンで実現したものです。どちらのゲームも歴史は古く、多くの人に長年愛されているものです。ゲームのルールは、ビンゴゲームとスタンプラリーに沿っているため、認知がしやすく誰でもすぐ遊ぶことが出来ます。ポイントを探して、景色の良いところを散歩する楽しみや、写真を撮影してユーザー独自のコンテンツが作れて、共有出来ます。

Simple rules, plus the fun of taking pictures!
Photo Bingo is a bingo game and stamp rally realized on a smartphone. Both games have a long history and have been loved by many people for many years. The rules of the game are in line with bingo games and stamp rallies, making it easy to recognize and easy for anyone to play. You can have fun walking around scenic spots looking for points of interest and taking pictures to create and share user-unique content.

rogo.png (クルクルテレビ)


QLQL's video signage platform, which generates and plays videos in a web browser Therefore, even if the update is frequent, only the difference of the update is downloaded, so the amount of data transfer is small. . Does not use smart phone packets. Low traffic, so it doesn't take a lot of time to access a large number of people.


CATAPULT (カタパルト)


Just read the QR code ticket on your smartphone to see the photo event posted by the user. It's easy to do. Participants don't even need a social media account to participate. This is a launch pad (catapult) that makes it easy for you to get your campaign going.



​HANQOUT (ハンクアウト)


A new way to play with QLQL! You can take a virtual two-shot souvenir photo. Two people apart can be composited in one crux. A photo event in the age of social distance!

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